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MZ 70

CHF 6’172.00

For a precise price quote, configure your wood-fired stove and discover the many aesthetic and customization options by clicking on this link.

Easy to use and clad in prestigious materials, the Rizzoli MZ 70 wood-fired stove is equally suited to built-in or free-standing installation!

The height can be adjusted from 85 cm to 91 cm thanks to the adjustable base.

This wood-fired stove is modern and efficient, thanks to its high-quality combustion chamber.

Rizzoli is a renowned Italian brand in the world of wood-fired stoves.

The price shown is the base price, but each stove is modular and customizable in terms of both color and options.

Options: hob type, handles, colors, clothes rail, door opening direction, plan….


Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 85 cm

Sortie des fumées

Rear, Top

Taille des bûches


Type de produit


Vision du feu

Front glass


8 kW

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