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Pallet of JURAPELLETS pellets

Original price was: CHF 468.00.Current price is: CHF 410.80.

Available from May 14, 2024

Small-format wood pellet bags!

Reduced size for simpler, less tiring use.

Smaller and lighter, this 9 kg bag will simplify your life.

Advantages :

  • Easier to handle
  • More pleasant pouring for filling
  • Ideal for people with back problems or the elderly
  • Avoids opened bags taking up space in your living room (ideal for stoves with a tank of less than 15 kg).
  • Better management of your pellet stock.
  • Less storage space and fewer constraints

This pellet is Din+ certified

Packaging: 104 bags of 9 kg

Additional information

Weight 936 kg
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 160 cm

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